Wednesday, December 3, 2008

001 - poker notes: luck or skill?

went to lucky chances tonight to play some texas hold em' and won $540 profit tonight for 5 hours of play. Not bad at all. I recieved no bad beats, instead I gave bad beats. Haha! Its funny, because I alway felt so bad afterwards and kept apologizing.

I kept most of my pots small, but the other players keep pushing the all-in move.

Big pot when I got a king high flush to someone's set of 7's. Lucky I was so short stack, or else I wouldn't call on the flush draw.

Another big pot came from the same guy, who flop a set of 7's again only a couple hands later. I had pocket queens. He bet small and I push him all-in. I thought I already lost and was about to muck the hand, but instead turned it over because I wanted to show him I didn't push him in with nothing and someone said "you have a flush". I was shocked that I didn't see it and gave the dealer a good tip because of that.

After that player left, another guy doubled me up twice because he kept using the all in move every time I bet. He went all in on the flop with Queens when I had Aces. Sucks for him.

Another hand was when I was in the small blind with 7 3. I rivered a full house and he had a straight. He reraised me by going all in and I thought about it for about 1 minutes because I thought he might have had a better full house. Eventually, I called & won. Picked up a couple more pots after and left.

The games have been pretty good lately.

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