Wednesday, March 17, 2010

AJ no limit tourney

AJ's no limit tourney on wednesday. 500 starting chips, $20 rebuys.

had a pretty good seat placement with position on weak players, but I still started the tournament badly. Folded a few hands in the beginning, waiting to amp up the aggressive factor. Soon, had 10 8 and raised to 200 with blinds only 20 when a couple of limpers entered the pot. Had someone "fat dude" who called.

Flop came out: 7 9 5. Fat dude puts in a 300 bet. I push all-in with 500 and he calls with A 6.

Turn: 2

River: A

He wins the first big pot of the table.

After rebuying, I put in another raise to 120 with 6 7 of spades. "Fat dude" calls again and two others.

Flop comes out: 9 10 6 with two spades. I have a straight draw, flush draw and straight flush draw and bottom pair!
Fat dude in first position makes it 300. It folds to me and I push with 500. He calls with two pair. 9 10.

Turn and river, i miss. REBUY!

Started to low ball things a little more and call to see flops or push pre-flop with something decent. Finally got a good stack before the break. 1200 chips.


Sometime after the break, short stacks are starting to go all-in a lot hoping to double up. I get dealt aces under the gun and decide to limp, hoping someone will push all in and I will snap call. Instead, guy next to me raises, another guy pushes all in and guy after him pushes all in. Big blind pushes all in and I go all in. Guy who initially raised goes all in.

So we had 5 players all in. I didn't like it, but was sure aces would hold up.

Hands in the all-in moment: QQ, 99, 10 10 and big blind has aces also!

Flop comes out 6 J 6. Turn and river miss the other hands and both the aces double up. I have 4400 chips!


Mid level: the blinds and ante really take into effect and I'm short stack again and bluff with hands in position. I get away with it!
I have enough to survive, but still only have move which is to push all-in. I don't have enough to just call or raise.

Tables are this point are playing hand for hand with one bubble left.


FINAL TABLE: I made it! just when I sat down, the table already made a deal to chop it 9 ways. haha! I left with $500 winnings.

Notes: I really got lucky towards the end to survive and get to the final table. I like how I adjusted after the first rebuy and made my raises smaller to deal with the lucky "fat dude" player who was calling with A-anything and almost any connector above 8.