Friday, November 21, 2008

Bay 101 Tournament pt. 2

Decided to try my luck again at Bay 101's tournament. This time, there was no rebuys, which I thought would work to my advantage.

Last time, my table was pretty mixed with tight and loose players. But this time, I got a table of a mostly aggressive players who like to check-raise a lot. It was very frustrating, but I held my own for awhile, despite being super card dead.

My best play was when I had pocket 5's and called a re-raised.

Flop came out 2 A 7. Both me and the other player check.
Turn came out a King, and player checks to me again. I bet out and he folds, telling me he had pocket queens. I lied to him and told him I had AQ suited, just to make him feel better. Haha!

After the break, I played super-tight which actually worked against me and soon I had no choice but to push all-in with J 10, only to be called by pocket kings...and well, that's the end of the story.

I learn that I need to get involved in a little bit more pots, or else I will get ante and blinded to death. Busted in 69 place out of 130 players.

On a side note, I saw this guy who looked like Ray and when I went over to him, it was Ray. Haha! He said he had a feeling I would be there too. Freaky!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bay 101 Tournament

Went to visit Bay 101 for the first time today and signed up for the morning poker tournament. About 70 people signed up and I was playing so well. Had good reads on people's hand and bluffing at the right times.

Sadly, I busted out in 27th place holding pocket 7's against the big blind who woke up with pocket kings. I felt weakness from everyone else who just limped in, which is why I pushed with my position. Just bad luck on my part that big blind had a monster.

The tournament was lots of fun, much better structure than Lucky Chances. Overall, I was proud of my playing style, which was small ball tight-aggressive. My biggest weakness I have discovered is not bluffing alittle bit more, when I know the other player is weak. I need to trust my reads!