Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lucky Chances Sunday Tournament

Was at Lucky Chances from Saturday night all the way to Sunday afternoon. I was just in that poker zone and I didn't care what time it was.

Later though, I got very sleepy, but decided to try to stay and play the tournament. I alway wanted to play in a tournament with a large buy-in ($225) so I used my cash winnings to buy a seat into the tournament.

I was so very sleepy in between hands, and I guess to other people it looked as if I was very into the game since I kept covering my head. A couple hands, I got lucky and won a few small pots and lost some pots here and there. When I finally moved to another table, that's where I finally started to chip up. The hand that put me into a good chip position was when I had A 4 of clubs. I limp and guy behind me raises. One caller and I call to see the flop.

Flop was 4 9 7 with two diamonds. Guy and I check. Guy in dealer position goes all in. Guy behind him instantly calls. I looked at my chips and saw that there was odds to call. So I called too.

Guy shows KQ of hearts. Guy behind shows flush draw and I'm the only one with a pair of 4's. Turn is a blank and River is a blank card for both of them. I win that major pot that makes me chip leader of the table! Haha!

I soon got moved again to another table, where I became mid-stack to low-stack with the blinds going up and up with me being card dead. My goal was to make it into the money, which I did.

Girl goes all in with AJ and guy behind him calls with AQ. I also call with pocket 8's. The board brings a queen and it was pretty much over after that. Girl ends up being bubble girl because I had more chips.

10th place finish out of 110 players. Wow! $475 dollar payout.

Side note. Now, that I think about it. I could have lost and been the bubble boy. My play really should have been to fold. But, if the girl had won. I still be at risk as I was third in short stacks.

Oh well, overall I was proud of my plays even though I hadn't slept all night.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Royal Flush

Whoo Hoo! Got my second royal straight flush in my life.

The first time was during a home game with the guys. This second time was at Lucky Chances Casino, where a river card gave me the royal straight flush and a pay-out of $500 dollars!

Too bad I have to report it to taxes now. Haha!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

getaway weekend at Tachi

Took a bus tour early Saturday morning to Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino.

I gambled a bit with the 3-card poker, slot machines and also tried the Texas Hold em' poker room they had. It was pretty tough competition and I just happen to get lucky on a lot of flops. I think I might have been outplayed on a couple. But, I learned a lot. Cashed out with about $100 dollars in winnings, but lost it all playing 3-card poker. Haha!