Sunday, December 14, 2008

Even fishes get cards

I'm down $160 tonight.

I had a bunch of loose players at my table who would not play real poker and would just all-in most of the time on the flop with $200 dollars or put large overbets. (some guy bet $60 dollars into a 8 dollar pot...and was called. wtf?)

I figured I would play a lot of connectors and try to bust them out. Example was when I put a live 8 and was called by all the players. I checked and flop came out: 7 K 9. giving me a up and down straight draw. First to act, I bet out $12 dollars and get called by three players.

The turn: Q. I bet out $25. get called by two players.

River brings out the jack. Gives me the straight, but I worried someone might have been playing a A10. So I bet out $25 and first player folds and second player calls after what seem like forever of thinking time. I win.


After awhile people got really loose with their money and there were at least 3 pots with 5 players all-in pre-flop! Let's just say 2/3 pots went to players who had no business in the hand and just called to gamble.

I think I might have had a big ego problem on this table and playing a little on tilt after losing a big pot when I had pocket 10's and went all-in pre-flop for $100 only to be called by two players who had Q 4 and K 9. Fish got a Q on the river. I win side-pot, but it puts me now at $60 dollars.

I out-played the fish on tons of hands, but he finally got it all when I hit top pair and bet the whole way. He calls the whole way up to river when he goes all in. I saw that his face looked excited and I figure he had a good hand, but I didn't want to believe it and called. He shows me tripe 8's for a full house and I leave the table.

The player next to me who I played before and knew my style was thinking the same thing that even fishes get cards.

next time.

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