Friday, December 5, 2008

002 - poker notes : stop playing when i'm too tired.

Left with $100 profit tonight, which is disappointed, figuring how many times I kept doubling up. I had about $400 profit, but kept calling on my draws and missing, thus the lost.

The biggest pot was when someone put a live $8 bet. Everyone called and the live 8 re-raised to $20. 5 people called including me, then to someone who re-raised to $100. Then someone called instantly. I thought about it for a bit and decided it was worth it (pot odds: $70 dollars to try to win $400) to called, person behind me called too! (now $600 in the pot, but I can only win $500 if I win). So basically, everyone was all-in with the biggest chip stack being $160.

Flop was like 4 4 2
Turn 7
River 9

All hands were shown which were Q 5, J 6, J 10.
I won the pot with pocket 10's. So cool!

And the guy who won the side pot ($200) was with Queen high. That's so funny!

Earlier I kept having to go all-in a lot preflop with hands like 7 8, K Q, 8 9 because the odds to call were so good, even though I knew I was really behind. I got really lucky and hit my straights on the river, giving bad beats as well. I can't believe how many times I was "all-in" tonight and survived.

Finally, I have added position bluffing into my cash & tournament game plays. I'm still a little nervous when I do it and really hate it when I'm check-raised, but more than half the time, I win the pot.

I'm also trying to slow play very big pocket pairs lately like 10's, Jacks, Queens to see what type of things happen and it ended up costing me a lot of money because worst hands would often win or I ended up folding when I saw a overpair. I think the problem is slow-playing with too many players.

After 6 hours of play, with $100 profit...that comes out to $16 per hour. Haha!

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