Saturday, December 27, 2008

Playing against drunks

I have to say, playing against drunks is very fun. They will limp in  a lot, they raise with nothing, bluff all their money with nothing and they will call a lot of all-in pre-flops. Yet, I get a little scared because drunks also tend to get lucky most often.

Two frustrating hands:

I went all in with AJ and got called with 68. He caught two pair and I'm playing ace high.
I went all in again with AQ suited and got called by 5 6. the flop comes out two sixes.

So my advice is to have patients and take the beats, because eventually you want these type of players at your table because it will help build your bankroll.

But be warned that you will win some and you will lose some.

My last entry was about the "tattoo table" and although the styles of play seem the same, its not because at this particular table, since they all know each other, I think in a way they also back up each other when one of them goes all-in or calls a all-in.

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