Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bad Beat Aura?

Didn't do too well in the online circuit of getting to my goal of $1000. Its weird, I really believe there was a bad beat aura hanging around me for the longest time. Sometimes I would hit top set on the flop, just to be rivered by someone with a better set. I trap so good online, but always happen to get bad beat. It was getting so sick for awhile.

I was losing on the first hand of a bunch of sit n' go's because of bad beats. I will have AK, they will have AJ and A10. Either they will flop a straight or two pair. I'm also the master of bubble as I'll get a massive chip lead of about 60% of chips in play and bust out in 3rd. No prize.

I was playing spadeclub's wsop qualifier prize on monday and lost that very quick. I ran into a better two pair when I hit two pair on the flop. Sucks, I rushed home from work to play in it and thinking to play it tight and trying to trap, but got played myself.

Chu did pretty good for awhile, but like always he tilts it off. lol.


Went to LC tonight to kill time and because I felt wired from a coffee I had earlier. In the beginning, I was missing a lot of flops with good starting cards and went all the way down to $12. Soon, I starting playing crazy after that and pushing it with 10 5 and 3 4 suited. Got lucky and doubled up twice! Later had AQ and a guy put me all in again and doubled me up. I was up $140 after only 3 hands!

After that, I couldn't believe how good I was playing. I was calling out people's cards and betting, reraiseing when I sense weakness and also making some very sick lay-downs.

Some note worthy hands:
I check the big blind with pocket Jacks and flop comes out. 9 5 2.
I check. Guy bets out 15 dollars, another guy calls 15 and I call 15, thinking I will re-raise on the turn after getting some more cash into the pot.

Turn comes a 10 and guy bets 40 dollars, guy behind re-raises to $140. I figured it might be one of those two pair vs. set hands. So I folded. Other guy goes all in and guy calls. It was a set of 5's vs. a set of 10's. So sick that I had the best hand pre-flop. I might have played it wrong pre-flop, but I figure the 10's would have called.

Holding 7 8 on the button. The board comes out 5 6 K. It gets checked all around.
Turn comes a 7 and its checked to me. I bet $12 dollars and its folded to the guy next to me who calls.
River is a Q and he checks again. I bet out $15 and he re-raises to $45. This bet was very familiar to me and smelled of a miss flush draw, so I call and he shows 9 10 for a missed straight.

Whoo! sick call! get praised from the table. Surprising this is not the last time someone tries to bluff me. Something similar happened when I had pocket 10's, and I made a laydown on a pretty safe board. Turn out to be a good read, cause he happen to have QQ.


Holding 3 5 of diamonds on the button. Everyone had called a raised of $8. Flop comes out 4 6 Q. Check all around. Turn brings another 4 and check around to a guy who bets out $10. I call and its heads up. River is a J and he checks. I bet out $25 into the $80 dollar pot and he shows me his missed flush draw with 10 high and mucks.

Haha! sick read on my part to sense his weakness.

There were also some hands where I raised on a flush draw and when I did get called, I hit it. Other times, the other person folded the best hand. Yeah, expert play right there.