Tuesday, December 23, 2008

donks have the most luck on the table

I played in two online tournaments today and one I placed in last place just in the money and the other I placed 24 out of 130. John C. also was in that tournament and we played a table together for awhile. He had position on me and kept re-raising my bets. damn! He gain a quick chip lead and lost it in 15 minutes after I left his table. I have no idea how. Haha!

Ray also came over to borrow my Daniel N. poker book. Hopefully, he doesn't learn all my secrets. lol.


Later Jose messaged me to go to Lucky Chances. We got there around midnight and I was seated at what I like to call the "tattoo table". This is my third time sitting with them. Let me explain what this table is: Its a bunch of guys with tattoos all over, they know each other and they just like to keep raising with garage hands and pushing their cash into the pot with the worst hand. Basically, the table is about luck games. I hate this table!

I guess the people at LC think I will see this opportunity as easy money. Tonight, I thought so too, but I finally figured out that I really don't have any luck. I lose everytime I sit with them. This table was just stupid in general cause the non-tattoo people were playing the same way as me. Waiting for good hands and pushing it in. No real poker here.

I finally figured it out. These players control the table and the way the game is played. Everything is in their favor as they are the ones raising and calling. They are involved in all action and force you into decisions you don't like, therefore putting them on a hand or reading them is out of the question. My advice if you want to play these tables is patience and play your cards.

So my note for myself tonight: DON'T play at the tattoo table ever again! I always come into the table with too much ego and play their version of "poker". Playing with luck rather than skill. Sigh, didn't I learn this from last session? Next time they put me here, I will stand up right away and yell "TABLE CHANGE!"

Well, I'm down another $100. Not looking good for my poker bankroll if this keeps up.
Funny note: After I saw down at the table, Jose came up to me, later Clay came up to me and then Jed came up to me all to say hi. The guy next to me goes, "Damn! do you know everyone here?" It was scary to answer "yes, I think I do."

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