Monday, December 29, 2008

Sit & Go

(Any two cards will do for me...haha!)

Played a bunch of online sit & go tourneys with the style of being the ultimate aggressor while keeping true to smallball strategy. Minimum raises and check-raise, re-raises and firing bullet after bullet when bluffing. Making pot size bets when hitting the nuts and hoping to be paid off due to bluffs set up earlier. Usually I do get paid off, cause of the caught bluffs on pots that didn't matter.

I played 2 HORSE sit & go and alway end up busting out in stud. I keep getting unlucky when another player makes his better hand on the river. I placed in 3rd and 4th on the 9 player tables.

Believe it or not, I dominate in Razz. I guess its cause people don't really know how to play it. I saw a guy calling all the way with KQJA on his face up cards, and to be even more curious, he bet out on the river and the other guy folded!!! wth?

I so need to convince the guys to get a HORSE tournament going on. :-)

Then I played 3 no limit hold em' tourneys. Each one, I knocked out all the players and get to be the chip leader for the longest time, but then got busted out in 3rd twice!

Just finished one earlier and finally got 1st after with no doubt, knocking out 7 of the 9 players. I almost got busted out early on when I raised someone with top pair and he went all in with ACES. I hit a set and bad beat him off the table. Whew~!

I am feeling so ready to hit the tournament scene. I just hope I can keep the nerves to play this aggressive in live tournaments like I do online.

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