Monday, December 22, 2008

Calling to gamble

Tonight was very frustrating, because I would fold on the flop with a gut-shot, only to always hit it on the turn. What's worst is that those pots are always huge. Urg! Honestly, what do I expect to hit when I play 6 7 suited? I guess last session really made me hate chasing draws, when in fact I realize this is my strongest plays. When I tend to alway represent straights, when the board looks to have it. Negreanu calls these cards "bluff outs". It just seems some days I'll hit it, and other days I'll miss it completely.

All my positional bluffs worked tonight. I would call a bet on the flop with nothing, yet "knowing" they are just building the pot for their straight draws or flush draws and when I think they missed it, I would bet out on the river. Easy money.

I think this decision is going to haunt me for awhile. A player goes all in for his last 9 dollars.

Player B calls. Player C re-raises to $29. I look down to see pocket jacks and call the raise.
Player B re-raises all-in for $160. Player C insta-calls. Thinking they are holding aces and kings, I decide to call hoping to get lucky even though I know I'm behind.

Both flip their cards and its exactly as I thought Aces over Kings. The aces hold up and he wins the big pot. I make such amazing reads these days, but still make stupid decisions of playing luck games. I guess I still can't resist the temptation of making easy money by putting it all in and see who hits.

I hope I learn from this that I should just fold when that little voice tells me I'm behind, because what's the point of playing skillfully and winning a lot of small pots, only to lose it at the end because I wanted to play the luck game.

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  1. Yea, its hard to resist the temptation, but the postflop play should be where you make your money cuz you're better than them. Remember that.