Thursday, July 12, 2007

World Series of Poker & Meeting Daniel Negreanu

I was staying at the Rio at Vegas, which is probably one of best hotels to stay in, because of the World Series of Poker that was going on downstairs. Took a look around and its very packed with poker.

Even watched a couple hands at the Final table. But, its not as exciting, since I can't see the hole cards. Ppls really get excited when someone says "ALL IN".

I'm still sad that I forgot to buy a souvier from the wsop store before I left Vegas. They had a cool money clip that looked like a wsop bracklet.

Oh well, next year.

Later that night, around 12:30am. I went to the lobby to find something to eat. I see someone familar walking towards me, and I reliaze it was Daniel Negreanu. I give him a "Hey" and he replys "how's it going, man" and then proceeds back to his room.

Short, but a fun highlight of my trip, since I always watch the guy on TV.
I swear, after meeting him. I feel my skills have gotten alittle better. Hahaha...
I guess some of his luck rubbed off.

For those who don't know him:

Friday, June 15, 2007

2007 Sunset Heads Up Tournament

Just got back from the first Heads-Up Sunset Poker Championship.
It was a poker night that lasted from 9pm - 5am. I placed third in the Championship, which sounds good, but actually its a little short of any of the prizes. Dang! Maybe next year. But, I did do well in the tournament poker games, which I'm happy about because I haven't won in awhile.
So, yay!

So, here is the trophies that I helped designed. I was really hoping to win one of them, but one mistake in poker can cost you the whole game. But, that's the ups, downs and unpredicablity of texas hold em. That's what I love about it, cause everyone always has a chance to win.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Accordion Fold Poker Book

I designed this final project for my book binding class.

Basically, its a beginner's guide to Texas hold em' poker. The binding is done in accordion fold style and when folded up, looks like a giant playing card. Inside continues the playing card theme and looks as if your shuffling. I chose to use the Ace of spades for the front cover for the final project, but eventually, I might want to create all 52 playing cards that will fit in a nice box. How ambitious.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Concord Fundraiser Tournament

This I think is the first real tournament I played that had more than 9 players. I think the total was about 35 players and I placed 18th. I was mostly nervous and folded a lot of hands and rarely raised. As I got more comfortable, I started to play poker.

Ray and Jose made it to the final table. Ray busted out at 9th.

but....Congrats to Jose for winning the Concord Fundraiser tournament!