Thursday, October 2, 2008

My most expensive hand-to-date

So I have already been playing for about 6 hours and it was close to 3am. 

I was up $800 dollars and was already thinking what I should buy. hehe..! Soon, I decided I would leave right after the next hand. I look down at POCKET ACES in the big-blind. I re-raised up to $25 dollars after a bunch of players limp in for $4. I had about 5 callers. My aces weren't looking so good I thought to myself.

Flop came out: 8 A K with two spades. I bet out $40 dollars into a pot of $125.
Everyone folded except a big stack player who had more money than I did. (I'm second in chips on the table)

Turn came out 3 of spades. I thought to myself that he probably was on a flush draw. So I checked. He bets out $80 dollars and I call instantly.

River came out 8. Thinking this card saved me with the best full house. So, I bet $200. Player re-raises all-in and I call pretty instant.

Player turns over pocket 8's for quads.

6 hours of play to earn $800 all gone in one hand..... and the bad part was I was going to leave! Urg! What a horrible bad beat.