Friday, March 6, 2009

Why do I have four cards? Omaha 8 session.

Walked into lucky chances expecting to play 1/2 hold em'. Played two hands and got called to Omaha 8. This is my first time playing Omaha 8 at Lucky chances, the game is just not popular enough to get more than one table. So I was excited I finally got a seat.

I already knew how to play Omaha from playing a bunch of H.O.R.S.E tourneys online, so I didn't come in blind.

My second hand I received was AAQQ. Not being sure how the betting went, I just called. Flop comes out AAK57. I have quads and there is another guy who is betting into me! I call him down with a couple raises in between and he shows a qualifying low hand. Damn it! So, the pot gets split.

This is the bad part of high/low because of a bunch of split pots, but it also creates more action. I learned from another player that its not smart to chase a low hand from the gecko because you are only playing just to win half. Why right? unless the pot is so huge, where the low half is worth playing for.

From there, I was getting some awesome cards with all my pocket pairs hitting sets. I got outdrawn a lot as well and left the table with more live experience in the game. Such as, I didn't know I could switch up my hole cards to play for High and low. Next time I play, my skills will be so much better.'em

This game is so much fun online, but so much more fun live. My head is constantly thinking and I'm trying to read other players at the same time. I hope we can get a live HORSE tourney sometime soon, either home game or card room tourney. I know I would do so well.


  1. Who is down for a HORSE tourney? Make sure everyone knows all the games and then I'll host it.

  2. lol. i think everyone's down to try it once. we could even do a cash game eventually.

    I'll print out small cards of the rules, so it'll be no problem.

  3. hey baby.
    wheres my damn #%*& cocktail?
    you call, and its all over, baby!