Thursday, February 26, 2009

SpadeClub T-Shirt

I submitted a t-shirt design to SpadeClub as part of their contest. Voting won't be until March 5, but I hope everyone who has a account with SpadeClub (or make one. lol.) vote for mines!

If I win first, I will buy everyone a t-shirt to represent. Yeah! Haha!

View details and other entries here:

Remember, vote for DAVEZ on march 5!

"Yes, we can!"
updated: I didn't even make it to their final selection. What the heck? That sucks! oh well, at least I get a free shirt still.


  1. You didn't win cuz Rich didn't like your shirt. So he started a smear campaign saying that the designer of your shirt was a Muslim! haha. i liked your shirt btw.