Friday, March 20, 2009

Check-Raise a tight player

Another break even session. Disappointing, but better than leaving empty.

My first hand just when I sat down was AJ. I called. I haven't even gotten my chips yet. Flop comes out with A. I bet out $12 after checks to me. Get two callers. The turn comes and its check to me again. I bet out $24 this time with my cash and some chips. He calls. On the river, he bets $60. I'm shocked and confused. I start talking to him "check check and then raise?" He keeps still and stares blankly with his hat and sunglasses. I thought about folding, seeing it was my first hand, but I saw something that told me he had A-rag, like a weird smirk from his face. I called. He showed A 4. I win! Free double up. $200 +

After that, I discovered this table was interesting. A lot of good players who also check-raise a lot if they sense weakness or think they can outplay you.

There was a fool who check raised with 2 3 high, when I was holding top pair. I was thinking to fold, but I just couldn't when I saw my stack compare to the pot size and figure he made this play because he missed his flush, since I've made this play in my last session. After I won, I realized my image at the table was a tight player. Which is why so many of these guys pulled this move on me.

I was digging it. Having a tight image and letting other players try to bluff me. I just needed to let them steal a few small pots, which causes to bluff bigger in the game against me when I have the best hand. ( I checked a full-house all the way to the river, where the player then went all in. I insta-call and won $100 from him).

But, I also folded two winning hands with a pot of over $200. Damn it!
One was on a board of 4 7 7. Call all around and someone re-raises. I fold my pocket 10's. The guy next to me calls and wins with A high!..................urg!

Few hands later, I caught my straight on the river and get re-raised high. I gave him credit for a higher straight. Another player called him and he won with a set of 8's. ..............urg!

Knowing I had a table of aggressors, I decided to play tight and it worked well. I let them bluff and gather chips. But, I still regret letting them run me over in large pots. I should have used my tight image more to my full advantage.

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