Friday, March 13, 2009

Playing well with the second best hand

I love it when I play well with good skills and not rely on luck too much.

Tonight, went to lucky chances and brought into the 1 1 2 game. My second hand, I had K10 and the flop came out 2 10 10. Someone bets and someone goes all in. To me, I was thinking he must have A10. I'm sure of it. But, I still called and he showed A 10. I cursed myself for not trusting my read.

Brought in again and made some huge lay-downs. I had KJ suited in the big blind and decide to check it. Flop came out K J A. I bet out with my two pair and get one caller and someone raises. I start to think he has Q10. I thought about pushing it all in, but opt to call, hoping to get lucky and catch. The other guy folds. The turn comes another A and I check. (two pair no good). He bets enough to put me all in and I fold face up. Everyone is surprised I didn't re-raised all-in on the flop when he raised me. Yet, he turns over Q 10 for the flop straight.

I love it when I read good! but hated how much I had to invest. I'm glad he showed me, or else I still be wondering until now if I made a good laydown.

I was down to my last few dollars so many times in the game, because of some major beats. I decided to played in big pots when I was short stacked and played odds when I was behind. All paid off and I soon had my cash back and a little more.

A hand I'm most proud of is when I bet on my AJ of hearts on the flop with two hearts. I bet out, get one caller. Turn, he check, I check. River is a blank and he checks again. In my head, I'm sure he had a low pair or probably had a flush draw too. I bet 50% of my stack and he insta-folds. whew!

best record? $17 dollars all the way to $220? no, i still think my best record was $40 into $800.

I had J 10 at least 10 times tonight. Each won me great pots! No wonder I love this hand. I also finally saw JJ, AA, AK, AQ, and a bunch of KQ, KJ, QJ, & my lovely favorite suited connectors tonight. Love em' all. Its nice to know I can't always be card dead.

Used the profit for a nice dinner.

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  1. sucks getting the second nuts all the time. glad you rebounded and pocketed a nice profit.