Saturday, April 4, 2009

Playing tight is no fun

Its been awhile, but finally had another session at LC. Decided again to play tight with a bit of loose calls, hoping to outplay players on the flop. For the first hour, I mostly sat around and folded or called and folded on the flop. There were lots of big bets and all-ins from stacks over $200. I knew I would have to pick my spots.

I check-raised a lot tonight than I'm used to in a cash game. I'm used to just calling down if I have two pair or top pair, but played aggressive tight game tonight and didn't want players to catch up. I was determined to play this way, until I lost. But, I never lost and rarely had a show-down with my raises.

I had my tight image reinforced by another player who at least announced to the table three to four times how tight I was playing. I just sat there thinking how weird it was to be called "tight player". I was hoping to use it, but mostly ended up just playing my cards and using my reads on other people.

I cracked pocket Aces when I called a raised with pocket 8's and hit a set. I tripled up to $300 here. I also cracked another big hand a few hands later. A player had raised after I limped in with 7 8 offsuit and call his raise. Player then goes all in before the flop came out. 7 2 4. I had hit top pair with the 7 and thought about the hands he could have. "AK, KK, AA?" I figured he probably has a big pair, but called hoping to suck-out and I also had to see if I was reading him right. Yep! he shows pocket Kings and as I tap the table, another 7 hits the turn. Boom! :-)

All in all, I made $180 profit, but didn't have as much fun with being so tight. I know I was setting it all up so I could do fancy plays later and bluff more, but by the time I had the image dead set into people's head, I was too tired to try any plays. Maybe next time.

I now know why I like the tight image, because it causes people to loosen up and bluff me more. I let them win small pots and love catching their mistakes in large pots I win.

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