Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I've been feeling sick lately, so my reading abilities have shot to hell at the tables and home games. I decided to use this time to work on my online reading abilities.


So, I gave up on the 0.01/0.02 cent cash games. I was doing extremely well and making about a 0.80 cents per hour. Playing these games have definitely taught me to have selective aggressivenesses and know when to get value for big hands. But, after two weeks I decided to blow all my winnings into the tournaments. Time to reload.

Watching Rich play Spadeclub finally got me back into my account to start playing too. The reason why I was thinking to give up Spadeclub was because there are just too many players in the tournaments and the prize are pretty much worthless for the hours you put in.

I played in two last night. One with a field of 244 and I placed 5th.

Played in a sit n go with Rich who got 3rd, and while I was massive chip leader (10k vs. 1k). I still lost! Everytime I had a good hand, I was outkicked. Then when I outkicked the other person, he would pair his kicker. It was frustrating...but at least I proved to myself that I know how to play online poker.

I notice that Rich and I have totally different tournament playing styles. He tends to be tight for most of the time, bets too high on his hands and often make good calls. While I don't particular like this tight style, it seems to work good for him.

Me on the other hand, I play a aggressive small-ball style. So my hand ranges are all over the place from AK to low connectors like 45. Raise with connector and big pairs, betting the same on draws, top pair and mid-pair. I often make bad calls due to my curiosity of just wanting to see what the other person has. I set a lot of traps and often wait for other players to make mistakes. I have found that this has worked extremely well in early stages to give me a good chip accumulation, but fails in the later stages when I can no longer bet on draws without committing myself to the hand.

Note to self: Connectors cost a lot of chips when missed the flop completely at high level blinds. Call with connectors only when in late position during late rounds?

I need to learn late stage strategies as I see myself making more & more final tables lately. :-)


  1. we all certainly have different playing styles. it has worked for rich so far as he has two "bracelets" and we have zero. =)

  2. yes, so unfair. I was the one who knocked out so many guys at our table. He was smooth sailing. haha!
    damn his tight style, where does he find the patience?

    I still think most of Rich's winnings come from making good calls from ppls who try to bluff him.