Friday, February 13, 2009

So close... 7-card stud session

Went to LC with a co-worker tonight and lost $100 pretty quick in the spread limit game. Two players trapped me when they flopped tripe aces and checked it. Its so sick how I'll always catch the turn card, so it makes me pay them off. Then there was one hand where I tried to bluff with pocket deuces only to get smoothed called and re-raised on the river.

Note to self: Be wary of players who check the flop quickly and bet/raise quickly on the turn. It seems they likely have it.

After that, decided to play 7-card stud. I'm still not sure how to really play this game when people just don't fold. I won only one hand the whole time I played and it was almost jackpot. Here's the run-down:

I'm dealt at 2 10 with a 2 face up. I bring in the bet for $1.
Everyone calls.

Next card: 10. Gives me two pairs. I smooth call the $2 bet.

Next card: 2. Gives me a full house. I raise and a couple players call.
I see one player with three 4's showing.

Next card: 2. I have three 2's showing, no one thinks I have quads.
The one with three 4's bets first.

I smooth call it. Two other players behind calls.

Last card face down is meaningless. I show my quads and asked him if he had quad 4s. He said no, and another guy said if he folded, the 4 would have went to him. "Wth? that sucks!"

Again, so close to that jackpot.

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  1. aww man....this will pain you to hear it, but you would of won the jackpot had you raised on sixth street and driven out the other players. then the other guy would of completed his quads!