Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2nd attempt at AJ's limit mix game tourney

Wasn't going to play tonight, but been asking Chu to freeroll me (only if he made lot of money at the cash tables) for 50% of my profits if I placed. I really didn't want to disappoint him and felt I was going to go far in the tourney.

Oddly enough, I'm in the same seat as last time I entered. What a sign! I came in thinking I would be aggressive like last time, since it worked out pretty well. But, we had 3-4 other aggressive players and we had a lot of 3 -4 and even 5 cap bets preflop!

I finally slowed down and decided to let others be aggressive and just try to see flops cheaply and maybe throw in two bets if I'm UTG. Things weren't going my way until my second re-buy and I won a huge pot in a Omaha hand where I had a full house. Sadly, the guy next to me caught the wheel on the turn, but the pot was still huge, because everyone was drawing to the low-hand and someone had made a flush.

By the break, I had a awesome amount of chips and I think I was pretty much chip leader by 1k. But, since I didn't add-on for another 1k and everyone else did. I was even in chips when the game started again. Maybe a mistake?

I later won another huge pot in a omaha hand where I had KQ22 on a board of A 5 J 10 2. What I really hated was someone had a 8 low!!! I kept thinking, how could he still want to draw to a 8 low? But, he wasn't much of a Omaha player, since he called a 3 bet with 666J2 earlier. Everyone was all confused...lucky, he didn't win that one despite hitting a full house.

It wasn't until the blinds got to 100-200 that I ran bad and couldn't hit the draws I needed on valuable omaha pots I desperately needed. I even when all-in with a 3325 hand. Despite having a flush draw and a low hand draw, I didn't hit!

Still, I lasted longer than Chu. hehe! Next time, we need to get our other buddies into the game and have a last longer bet. $10 dollars maybe?

I made a deal with Chu that since I didn't place this one, I will give him 20% of any future winnings at a AJ tourney. I hate having this monkey on my back. So many final tables, yet so short of cashing any real money.....Soon please! I so badly want to beat richie's 2 first place finishes and jose's first place finish at the Concord tourney.

Notes: Not much, expect I liked how I played to adjust to the table by slowing down and drawing as cheap as possible by check-calling, since the table was so aggressive and knowing what people were drawing too. The way to win this tourney, is really to win some huge pots in the beginning and always be drawing to the nut hand in omaha or else, by round 5 the blinds are so high, the luck factor comes you need a lot of chips to gamble and kick out weaker hands by 2 betting or 3 betting, since people tend to fold alittle more when the blinds get to 60-100.

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