Thursday, November 26, 2009

PokerStars Tourney

Was super bored on thanksgiving day, so I went ahead and deposited $10 bucks into PokerStars and played a $2 tourney with 180 players. On my first attempt, I got FIRST place! $110 dollar prize. Yeah! I love how I won with my favorite hand. I hope someday J10 gets named after me. haha!

I took a slightly different approach to this tourney, which was to play tight in the first few rounds and only enter the pots with raises as well as setting traps everywhere. Of course, I gambled a bit on some hands when someone went all-in, knowing they had AK and calling them with a small pocket pair. Winning those races definitely helped a lot.

By the final 3 players, I had such a huge chip advantage that the other two had no choice but to all-in to my raises. Too bad for them, that I had hands like AA, QQ, JJ or AK, AQ, AJ to their small pocket pairs or weak kicker.

I'll probably end up just using the prize money to enter some of the $10 dollar buy-in and try to win $1000 or bust trying.

I played alittle in the .5/.25 cent cash games, but online cash games are so boring for me and I lose interest fast. I did end up winning a extra $10 from the game.

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