Wednesday, October 7, 2009

embrassing performance at bay 101 midnight tourney

Urg! I don't even want to write about this tournament, but I like to keep records.

So here it is, Bay 101 midnight tourney. I've already played a couple of them and like the structure. I came in wanting to win it and hope to play good. Well, it didn't work out that way.

First hand, a couple of limpers ahead of me and I have Q 8 suited clubs in mid position. Wanted to raise, but opt to call instead. 5 to the flop.

Q 4 6. Someone bets and two callers.

10. Little blind who had checked earlier, now bets out. Original better folds and I call.

River is a J.

LB puts in a big bet and I feel like he has me beat, but since it was the first hand...I thought it was possible it could be a bluff. I call. He shows Q 4 for two pair as I kind of already suspected. Lost almost half my stack. Thinking back, I knew I should of raised! He called because of pot odds and he was on the button.

After that, won a couple of really small pots, but nothing brought me close to my original 10k in chips. I was around 3-4k . Up and down until level two. I'm in the big blind and was raised by the little blind to 3x. I push all in with A 10 and a caller folds and I made a mistake of showing my cards before the little blind called. He tanks for a bit and finally calls with Q K. I honestly think he would have folded, if I hadn't showed my hand.

My performance was so poor that I didn't care.

Note to myself: I should not play midnight tourney's, esp. when I had no sleep the day before.

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  1. We have to win this Wednesday, chop first and second place!!