Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good play, good read, easy money.... yet, bad bluffs

Sometimes, people ask me how should they play at LC. I tell them my #1 rule is to not bluff, since people rarely will fold their hands. I don't mean be tight, which is up to them, but to play your made hands for max value because they likely will pay you off. This is how I alway manage to win $200-$400 pots. I also wait for other players to make mistakes against me, which is a little more advance to teach in this entry, but I made go into it later on.

So tonight, I used my first rule well and tripled up within 40 minutes of sitting down...only to later throw my rule out the window and lose it all in the next 2 hours by bluffing like crazy. I had some of the best reads at my table and bet all my draws. I controlled the pot and got paid off when I made the hand.

Then for some reason, I started to want to bluff more and more. Only to be called by top pair with low kickers by other players. When I say low kickers, I mean like 3's, 4's and 5's. It was unbelievable how bad these guys were playing. Or them calling me down with bottom pair, then to hit two pair on the river. It was just so sick. They were trying to give me their money! Yet, the cards kept giving me bad beats.

I lost my last $80 in a hand I thought I had the perfect read on. I open from under the gun with a small raise of $5 with pocket 5's. Guy re-raises to $15. Flop comes out 4 4 2. I had checked in the dark. He bets $25 and I re-raise him to $50, thinking he is making a play with AK. He shakes his head and says how this sucks...sits there for a minute and then pushes all in for the rest of his chips of $80. I said to him, "are you serious? you think your beat and yet you push it all in?" I had no choice to call with the $20 something I had behind. And he shows pocket 9's to win the hand. I had a bad read on him, but to honestly push it in and not even thinking what I could have had.

I wanted to buy back in after that hand, but I felt on tilt and opt to leave. I really hope I get this table of bad players again. I couldn't believe how easy it was, but I just have to remember.."NEVER BLUFF A FISH!"

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