Monday, June 15, 2009

setting up the table

Strolled into LC last night and decided to play tight and limp in a lot of pots with big hands. 
The reason is because I had a table of a super aggressor and two gamblers looking for a chance to stick it in. So I really had to have a good hand if I wanted to be in any pots with them.

Having the super aggressor really changed the game, which was a curse and blessing for me. I couldn't limp in with too many hands that I like, but the good end of it was I always knew what people had by reading the way they play their hands. Since, they will usually only call those raises with a decent hand. 

He doubled me up each time with my Kings and aces. But, I lost some back to him when it went two pair over two pair.

I decided to follow some advice I read in a book about chatting the table up and giving a bad player props for being lucky and saying good hand and stuff. It was pretty cool, it allowed me to relax and the table had a good vibe where there playing too serious and took the bad beats lightly. The advice was "a laughing happy table is more willingly to give up cash than a table full of serious players".

Example: there was a guy who loved playing 10 8 no matter what the raise was. He won some huge pots with that hand and I would say how cool it was that hand always won him pots. Well, he went into a pot with me holding that hand and lost big. Yet, he took it lightly since I gave him so much props for it earlier.

I swear I must have spend a hour setting up this table, where I could manipulate the pot and catch free cards since I was "such a nice guy". I got paid off big on my aces, kings and jacks.

The nice guy act worked so well that when I was holding pocket jacks on a board of A K Q J 2. A guy before me goes all-in and I was thinking to lay my hand down, thinking he had a straight. I asked him if he had a "10" and he said he had "two pair" then I told him I could beat 2 pair and he said I should call. So I did and won with my set. I felt so bad afterwards, that I gave him back half his all-in bet.

Soon, I knew I was tired when I put in a 25 dollar bet into a board of K 2 4 9 8. Thinking I had the King, but I looked down and saw QJ of hearts. Damn it! So I decided to leave after that and because it was 4am. 

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