Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bay 101 Tournament

Went to visit Bay 101 for the first time today and signed up for the morning poker tournament. About 70 people signed up and I was playing so well. Had good reads on people's hand and bluffing at the right times.

Sadly, I busted out in 27th place holding pocket 7's against the big blind who woke up with pocket kings. I felt weakness from everyone else who just limped in, which is why I pushed with my position. Just bad luck on my part that big blind had a monster.

The tournament was lots of fun, much better structure than Lucky Chances. Overall, I was proud of my playing style, which was small ball tight-aggressive. My biggest weakness I have discovered is not bluffing alittle bit more, when I know the other player is weak. I need to trust my reads!

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